Oils and Herbal Packs: The Natural Wonders For Treating Migraines

Migraines cause debilitating pain whenever they arise and for those that experience them, the inability to focus on anything else can be extremely distressing and unpleasant. With the perpetual stress of our daily lives, a quick fix is everyone’s first option; whether that is a tablet or any other medicine. In a lot of ways, however, this isn’t the best option. It merely suppresses the monster, making it lie in wait for a few hours until it resurfaces later, pounding the side of your head. There are other safer, healtheir methods to deal with this, the natural way. 

Effective Treatment Using Essential Oils


The natural world of medicine is often highly overlooked as a result of the hype surrounding allopathic medicines. You might, therefore, ask yourself: what are essential oils and why should I opt for them? In a sentence, these are plant-sourced, treatment-specific oils that are at the forefront of natural modern medicine. They come in various forms: peppermint, lavender, tea tree: all made to alleviate specific pains. With these oils, you’d often find yourself feeling calmer, sleeping better, and ultimately, healthier. 

Relieving Migraines with Hot and Cold Therapy Packs

Our hot and cold therapy packs recognize the value of these oils and use them to their fullest potential. They contain a range of these oils depending on the ailment they aim to cure. Our eye and sinus therapy packs are specific to migraines because of the perpetual pain that migraine-sufferers often find themselves in. But with the heroic combination of the oils and our packs, this can quickly change. Here is how. 

  • Peppermint, a prominent essential oil, is extremely useful for migraines. Applying it on your forehead, stomach, or wherever else the migraine originates from will guarantee quick results. 
  • Placing either the heated or cooled therapy pack after the oil provides instant relief and quells the pain. 
  • For hot therapy, heat the packs in the microwave for 45secs to 1 min and place it on the point of pain. 
  • Be sure to keep the packs in the freezer for a few hours before cold therapy for optimal pain relief. 

While allopathy might be the way to go for some, this method is a long-term, healthier, and more relaxing solution. The packs last for years and can be reused multiple times without hassle. Additionally, the essential oils only require one or two drops per treatment to work their magic. All you have to do after the quick treatment is sit back, relax, and let the packs dispel the pain from your body. Wouldn’t that be grand?