Natural Healing Through Herbal Packs
Have you ever experienced that searing pain in your forehead? As if every time you move, you are being punched in the head repeatedly? Or have you endured that helpless feeling of not being able to get up when it seems like you have got a hundred weights on your knees?

Maybe you are someone who experiences discomfort and pain regularly. Or perhaps you are a person who only has to suffer once a month, through the horrid feeling of having pins piercing your stomach when the monstrous period is back in town. Whoever you are, you are likely no stranger to pain. So why suffer any longer?

Here is an interesting question for you: if you could help alleviate the pain that so many of us feel daily, would you? My answer to this, when it first crossed my mind, was yes. And out of this one seed of thought grew the tree of Aksobha, extending its branches to all those aching endlessly with no practical solutions. The solution? Herbal hot and cold packs.

The secret behind Aksobha's ability to stop the aches

It is not much of a secret that Aksobha's number 1 goal is to benefit its customers. What is the best way to do that? Here, we have figured out that all-natural products are the best products, and here is why:

No synthetic components or chemicals are used; the environment benefits 100% from these products. (If you're someone who cares about the environment, these are the products for you)

Obtaining the ingredients for these products is less of a hassle; therefore, manufacturing efficiency is high.

The all-natural approach to production ensures that no harm is done to the customer's body, which chemicals can often cause.

The durability of these packs is much higher than synthetic ones such as a gel pack; the natural ingredients are long-lasting and efficiently preserved.

When finally disposed of, no harm is caused to the environment because no destructive components are released.

The innovative herbal hot and cold packs

Our herbal hot/cold packs help relieve pain and stress and rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. Whether you need a warm blanket of relief or a cooling sense of comfort, they tick all the boxes.

The all-natural ingredients include a plethora of herbs, grains, and essential oils. Therefore, these packs are a 2-in-1 deal: they offer hot and cold therapy coupled with aromatherapy for an enhanced pain-relief experience. Are you experiencing joint pain? Swelling? Sunburns? Muscle pain or stress? These packs are for you.

Additionally, Our products are a natural inclusion in any first aid kit and valuable at any house. Ergonomically designed, they contour various body parts. They are also extremely easy to use: for warmth, all you need to do is heat the packs in a microwave, and for some cooling relief, just use a freezer. In short, they ease any pain, anywhere, and require little effort to use.

Sustainability → the key to success

At Aksobha, we have one mantra: sustainability is the key to success. We eliminate the superfluous in our designs and our methods; everything is in the interest of the environment. A branch of our growing tree, Upasham, is an expression of our love for providing natural, handmade, and sustainable pain relief and relaxation solutions for a healthy and happy life. Each of our Herbal Hot/Cold packs is lovingly handcrafted with the utmost care. We believe that the world needs more conscious consumers who look into environmental sustainability and the human touch of a product and live by this.

Aksobha. Tranquillity. Words that mean the same, in different languages. Words that also precisely define us. We want to ease pain, reduce suffering, and provide peace and tranquillity above all else. With these herbal hot and cold packs, we aim to do just that.

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