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Rs. 750.00

SET OF 2 Roti/Tortilla Warmers Yes, these Roti/Tortilla warmers are microwaveable! Just load it up with 10 to 20 roti’s/tortillas close the flap and microwave for 15 to 25 secs, hot and soft roti’s/tortillas ready...

Rs. 600.00

Our planters are made of 100% Natural jute and its completely plastic-free. Give your plants an earthy feel by placing your pots inside our planters which come in different sizes ADORN YOUR PLANTS WITH THIS...

Rs. 625.00

Wouldn’t it be great to never use plastic wrap or cling wrap again? These plastic-free bowl covers are made of cotton and help cover your salad, dessert, yoghurt bowl keeping them fresh and making them...

Rs. 485.00

  -- Veg/Fruit Fridge Bags Let’s go green with our 100% Cotton Fridge bags, keep your Vegs/fruits fresh.

Rs. 425.00

--100% cotton bag, with 6 compartments ideal to organize your veggies and fruits, reducing the carbon footprint

Rs. 450.00

Jute Tissue Box Add a dash of style to your regular tissue boxes and put them in this Jute Tissue Box from Aksobha.  Jute is a long-lasting and durable material, and it looks attractive for...

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