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Protection or Evil Eye Bracelet set

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A Protection or Evil Eye bracelet is believed to offer protection against negative energy. It typically features a symbol known as the "evil eye," which is thought to ward off all negative energies.

Wear daily to feel balanced and protected

Elevate Your Senses with Diffuser Bracelet set

Experience the harmony of nature and wellness with our exquisite diffuser jewelry set, thoughtfully crafted from raw, unfinished wood.

  • Raw Unfinished Wood: Our Bracelet set is a celebration of nature in its purest form. Each bead, untouched and raw, carries a unique charm that complements your style.

  • Aromatherapy On The Go: Infuse your day with the scents you love. Apply 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil to the natural wood beads, and let the bracelet and necklace become your personal diffuser. Breathe in and enjoy the soothing aroma wherever you go.

  • Long-Lasting Benefits: Unlike topical application, diffuser jewelry offers a lasting, gentle release of your chosen essential oil. Experience the therapeutic advantages without the need to worry about dilution ratios or skin application.

  • Perfume Without Chemicals: Love your favorite perfume but not the chemicals? Our jewelry allows you to carry your signature scent without applying it to your skin, making it a safer and healthier option.

  • The Perfect Gift: Whether it's for a cherished loved one or a self-care treat, our jewelry set is the ideal meaningful gift. It combines style, wellness, and a touch of nature in one package.


  • 1 Handmade Bracelet with a blend of wooden and decorative beads

  • 1 bottle 5ml Essential Oil  to kickstart your aromatherapy journey

How to Use:

Add 2 to 3 drops of your preferred essential oil to the wooden beads of your bracelet and necklace. Enjoy the therapeutic and aromatic experience. Repeat as needed to customize your scent throughout the day.

Elevate your style, wellness, and mood with our beautiful diffuser jewelry set, and carry the soothing scents of nature with you wherever life takes you.

Protective Evil Eye Bracelet Set - Ward Off Negativity

Protection or Evil Eye Bracelet set

Rs. 369.00
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