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Soft cotton 3 layer eye sleep mask. Suitable for all adults and children. Excellent for meditation, travelling, sleeping, and relaxing.

Features & details

RELAXATION AND CALMNESS FOR YOUR EYES Our cotton Eye Sleep mask is made of pure cotton fabric in 3 layers. It's soft touch keeps your eyes calm and relaxed and aids in good sleep. This Eye sleep mask reduces stress, headache, eye bags, puffiness, and under-eye darkening to make you look vibrant.

FLEXIBLE & ADJUSTABLE TO FIT ALL HEAD SIZES: The eye mask for sleeping is adjustable with a soft cotton strap with Velcro to fit small and large head sizes. Toss & turn as much as you want, our cotton eye mask won’t slide off and will not tangle your hair. Perfect gift for everyone
Made of pure cotton fabric our sleep masks for women and men have the perfect weight that relaxes your eyes. It’s cool, comfortable, and natural — everything that you want in a sleep eye mask.

EASY TO CARRY  EVERYWHERE FOR A QUICK NAP OR RELAXATION Whether you’re in a car, airplane, camping, or traveling, our eye sleeping mask can put you into deep, meditative sleep in a few minutes. You can also use our blindfold mask while doing yoga and meditation. Perfect for both daytime and night time.
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