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(set of 2 with 2 covers)

Our Nursing Breastfeeding Therapy Packs are made of soft organic cotton fabric as a cover with a filling of herbs, seeds and essential oils.  It's a great tool for Nursing Mothers to help greatly with enhancing milk letdown, Mastitis, plugged ducts, and decrease engorgement.

Seeds, Herbs, Essential Oil, Cotton fabric and Organic cotton fabric cover

Hot Therapy :
Aids in enhancing milk letdown, Mastitis, plugged ducts, 

    • Remove the soft cover and heat the pack for 30 to 45 secs, not more than 1 min at a time
    • Check the temperature and apply it to the desired part
    • Once the pack cools you can reheat the pack
Cold Therapy:
Aids in relieving engorgement

  • Cool the pack in the freezer for a few hours
  • check the temperature and apply it to the desired body part
Care Instructions:

  • You can wash only the cover lightly
  • Do not immerse in water or wash the pack
  • Heat the pack and use it frequently
  • Do not heat pack for longer than 1 min at a time
  • The pack can be put in a cloth bag and stored in the freezer if not used for long
No Chemicals
No  plastic
No electricity
100% natural
Women empowerment

20cm x 20cm
weight 160gms

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