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Knee Pain Relief Herbal Hot & Cold Therapy Pack

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Knee Pain Relief Herbal Hot & Cold Therapy Pack   


At the heart of our mission:

  • Women Powered: Our products are lovingly handmade by women, empowering them to thrive in their craft.

  • Handmade: Each of our creations is a labor of love, carefully crafted by skilled hands.

  • Eco Friendly: We are committed to sustainable practices that tread lightly on our planet.

  • Sustainable: Our dedication to sustainable materials and production methods ensures a brighter future for all.

  • Herbal: Embrace the soothing touch of nature with our herbal-infused therapy packs.

  • Zero Plastic and Zero Chemicals: We take pride in offering eco-conscious solutions that are free of plastic and harmful chemicals.

Herbal Hot/Cold Knee Therapy Pack

Introducing our versatile Herbal Hot/Cold Knee & Elbow Therapy Pack, designed to provide comfort, relief, and well-being.

  • Knee Pain Relief: This pack is a trusted companion for those dealing with arthritis, sprains, and sports injuries. It aids in reducing swelling and edema, making it ideal for post-operation recovery and orthopedic cases.

  • Treat Injuries: Whether it's a recent injury or a longstanding ache, this pack offers the therapeutic benefits of hot and cold therapy.

  • Muscle Pain Relief: Soothe muscle discomfort and improve circulation with the therapeutic warmth of our herbal pack.

  • Aromatherapy Infused: Experience a holistic approach to well-being with the subtle infusion of aromatherapy, enhancing both your psychological and physical health.

  • Secure and Mobile: Equipped with two elastic Velcro straps, it stays securely in place, allowing for ease of movement while applying the pack.

  • Reusable: Our pack can be used again and again, serving as a reliable companion for your pain relief needs.

  • Hot and Cold Therapy: Whether you need comforting warmth or cooling relief, this pack caters to your specific needs.

Hot Therapy:

Harness the soothing power of heat therapy to improve circulation, relax muscles, and alleviate discomfort.


  • Heat the pack in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes, but never exceed 2 minutes in one go.
  • Check the temperature, and gently apply it to the desired body part.
  • It can be reheated as needed after cooling down to room temperature.

Cold Therapy:

For those moments when you need a refreshing touch, our pack is ready to provide the benefits of cold therapy.


  • Cool the pack in the freezer for a few hours.
  • Verify the temperature and apply it to the desired body part.

Material Care:

  • If the pack gets dirty, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and allow it to dry.
  • Avoid immersing it in water or washing the pack.
  • Reuse the pack as often as you like, but never heat it for longer than 2 minutes, as directed.
  • Store the pack in a cloth bag in the freezer if it won't be used for an extended period.

Made of Pure Khadhi Cotton Fabric

Our commitment to quality extends to the materials we use, and our packs are made from pure Khadhi cotton fabric.

Available in Assorted Colors

Customer Reviews

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Anish Patel
Extremely relieving and great quality

Product was of fantastic quality, and eased my knee tensions without hassle. Easy to heat and use. Highly recommend.

Knee Pain Relief Herbal Hot & Cold Therapy Pack

Knee Pain Relief Herbal Hot & Cold Therapy Pack

Rs. 1,350.00
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