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Unleash the Power of Tai Chi for a Healthier You! 

Discover the Ancient Art of Balance and Harmony

Embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being with our extraordinary Tai Chi Classes. Immerse yourself in the ancient art of balance and discover a path to serenity that rejuvenates both body and mind.

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Why Tai Chi

Tai Chi Is One Of The Most Effective Exercises For Your Entire Wellbeing. You Can Start And Progress To Higher Levels Regardless Of Your Age Or Physical Condition.

Cardio-vascular fitness 

Cardio-vascular fitness means better heart-lung capacity. A good supply of blood and oxygen is essential for maintaining your health and for healing any disease. 



Strong muscles enhance overall resilience, aiding in daily activities and injury prevention. Muscular strength is crucial for health and supports faster recovery from illnesses.



Flexibility improves our range of motion, making us more functional Tai chi also improves posture, an important component of health. Developing correct posture will result in less wear and tear of the joint muscles.



Sharp mental focus is key for productivity and cognitive performance. Cultivating a focused mind is essential for tackling tasks efficiently and maintaining mental well-being.

Meet Our Certified Instructor

Prepare to be inspired by the knowledge and expertise of our Instructor


Sruti Venkatesh

Founder of Aksobha

Step into the world of Tai Chi with confidence, guided by our certified instructor, Sruti Venkatesh. Trained at a prestigious Tai Chi school in Singapore, Sruti brings a wealth of expertise to our classes. With over 15 years of dedicated practice in both Singapore and Bangalore, she is a firm believer in Tai Chi's transformative power to instill peace in its practitioners.

At 'Aksobha,' we are passionate about sharing the comprehensive benefits that Tai Chi offers to individual well-being. Through our classes, we aspire to impart the very essence of Tai Chi—cultivating serenity and balance. Join us on this journey toward inner peace and discover the transformative potential of Tai Chi under Sruti Venkatesh's expert guidance.

Classes features

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Wu Shu greeting




Few steps of the form


Dedicated practice




Meridian cleansing, and a closing ritual.

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Who Is This Webinar For?

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Ideal for All Ages

Tailored for individuals of all ages, embracing the universal benefits of Tai Chi.

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Online Enthusiasts

Perfect for those seeking wellness from the comfort of their homes.


Global Community

Join an inclusive global community, uniting individuals passionate about holistic well-being and mindfulness.


I am really grateful to you for teaching me something so beautiful. I'll cherish it forever. Your dedication is unmatchable. All the energy and strength you put in for each class is really worth it. You made the online class so convenient and easy to understand. The individual attention that you give to each student is immensely helpful. Needless to say, you understand each student very well and make sure the steps are crystal clearly understood.Thankyou so much for being such a great teacher. Grateful for you💝


I have taken 3 levels of Taichi with Aksobha. Going to these classes I didn't know anything about Taichi and I was looking forward to doing something new but with each class I learnt to warm up, cool down, what each step really means, and how to do each step. They were broken down into pieces that I could really absorb. I think Sruti the instructor did a really good job of teaching us and showing us how we could practice outside of class. She gave all the support we needed and all my questions were answered. She really gave u time to clarify doubts . I highly recommend these classes and a huge thank you to Aksobha and Sruti for teaching these classes.


I'm glad I went ahead and joined the classes. Since some of you wanted to know what it is like learning Tai chi and practicing it, let me share my experience with you.

Here's a message I sent Sruti, a day after completing the Level

"Yesterday was my second day of period and I had non stop work. By evening my back and legs were hurting so much and I had a lot more to do. Thank God I made the choice to attend the class inspite of all that. The meridian cleansing was the icing on the cake. With that my back ache vanished and the Chakra meditation took care of the mental fatigue. You won't believe how energetic I was all the way till 1 in the morning, working non stop 😃"The days I start with the practice I'm almost like a Duracell battery....unstoppable 😄 Talking about the classes, Sruti is a very patient and systematic instructor. Every time I wondered how I would follow a certain step, she would make it so easy and doable in a matter of a few minutes. Her respect and value for time is commendable. The best part is, the practice takes you only a minimum of 4 minutes and you can do it anywhere and anytime. Thank you for your guidance and patience Sruti.

Class fees

12 classes @ Rs. 4200

Early bird special discount Rs. 2999 only!

Elevate your well-being with the grace of Tai Chi.

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Curious about Tai Chi? Ready to embark on a journey to wellness? Join us for a Tai Chi Trial Class at Aksobha, where balance meets bliss! 🌿

📅 Date: 5th March
🕒 Time: 7pm

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Unleashing the Power of Learning

Classes starting from
5th March 2024

Tai Chi for Health and Energy Part 1
( Prevention and relief from Arthritis)

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Our classes cater to individuals of all skill levels, including beginners.

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