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Imagine Yourself In A Total State Of Relaxation, With All Your Worries Drifting Away, Your Mind And Body Fully Balanced And At Peace ‘Aksobha’, as the name suggests, aims to promote this tranquility and make...


Imagine Yourself In A Total State Of Relaxation, With All Your Worries Drifting Away, Your Mind And Body Fully Balanced And At Peace

‘Aksobha’, as the name suggests, aims to promote this tranquility and make this imagination a reality. We do this through the beautiful and intricate martial art of Tai Chi.

Learn How to Be Stress Free, Relaxed, and totally at ease with just 10 mins of practice of Tai Chi Everyday.

What is Taichi?

If you are looking for a way to attain this state, Tai Chi is for you. Initially developed for self-defence, it has evolved into a graceful form of exercise used for stress reduction and various other health conditions, from arthritis to diabetes. Often described as meditation in motion, Tai Chi promotes serenity through gentle, flowing movements accompanied by deep breathing. Here, you are the artist, your limbs, the brushes, and Tai Chi, the masterful artwork.


Join Tai Chi for Health Series  and benefit greatly.

Tai Chi reduces stress. Are you feeling anxious? Let the gentle movements clear your mind and help alleviate your tension. 

It massively improves your concentration; an actual test of mental strength, Tai Chi ensures that those that practice it are immersed in the moment. 

Almost all chronic conditions, including arthritis, heart disease and diabetes, can be prevented with this unconventional medicine. 

Patience, tranquility, and inner balance: Tai Chi helps promote them all and keeps your mind at ease.

It helps to enhance your mood and makes you feel connected to your inner energy.

It’s nothing short of a Meditation in Motion.


We bring you Tai Chi as a way of harnessing peace and your natural self, creating a stress-free environment.

Here’s what you are going to get with our Tai Chi for Health Series 1

  • Series of 18 steps taught in a systematic manner over 12 classes.
  • Principles of Tai Chi – practical steps with complete guidance
  • Balance, Posture and weight transferring
  • Mindfulness breathing
  • Tai Chi Warm Ups
  • Tai Chi Cool downs
  • Meridien cleansing 

"We are keen on helping others experience everything Tai Chi brings to an individual’s well-being. Through our classes, we hope to bring you the essence of Tai Chi: serenity and balance. "

Are you ready to feel your QI…. deal better with stress and worries… and feel completely Relaxed..

Most martial arts often require high physical energy and fitness. Though these also require mental strength, Tai Chi is a practice that tests the mind more than the body. 

Though not widely known in India, Tai Chi offers so much more than meets the eye. It provides a multitude of advantages to those that practice it.

A little about our Tai Chi for Health Instructor 

With the beauty that Tai Chi brings and its ability to challenge the mind, instructors must be proficient at the craft and have passed the mental strength tests it provides. Our instructor, Sruti Venkatesh, is a prime example of this. 

A certified Tai Chi instructor, she has been trained under a prominent and distinguished Tai Chi school in Singapore. She has been practicing for the last Twelve years in Singapore and Bangalore. She strongly believes in Tai Chi’s power to imbibe peace in its practitioners. 


Don't take our word for it. Listen to what our students have to say..

“Excellent place to learn Tai Chi. Shruti is a great teacher who patiently addresses your concerns. She got me into alternative medicines like aromatherapy and am grateful for the whole experience.” 

“I enjoy the Tai Chi and the Yoga classes and have also taken up Sujok sessions with Sruti here. She's a marvelous instructor for both yoga and Tai Chi and I'm very glad to have come across her classes! I think I've finally understood the right form for Surya Namaskara which I've been struggling with for years! She's very patient and doesn't mind teaching the same steps a couple of times and I appreciate the individual attention she gives to each of her students. Sujok was a wonderful experience and I wouldn't stop at the 3 that I've had for some health issues of mine. Wonderful vibes in the Aksobha studio, very peaceful, clean and peace inducing!”



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